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Paraphilias – Abnormal sexual behavior

Paraphilias – Abnormal sexual behavior

Abnormal sexual behaviors that are characterized by very strong sexual urges and erotic fantasies are termed as paraphilias. These acts may involve inanimate objects, children, or partners who are non-consenting. These activities are indulged in by the person to gratify himself sexually and can be classified on the basis of the partner selected, object used, or the technique involved. Paraphilias are usually seen in males and these tendencies and fancies develop in teenage. Psychologists believe that such behavior is seen in people who have problems with their psychosexual development.

Incest is sexual activity between people who are closely blood-related. Thus, when a man has sex with his own daughter, he is getting into an incestuous relationship. Rape is another paraphilia in which the man forcibly indulges in sexual activity, i.e. without the consent of the partner. Prostitution is consensual sex but where one of the partners indulges in the act only for pecuniary benefits.

Sadism and Masochism are contrary paraphilias. In the former case, a man loves to dominate and torture his partner to gratify himself. Activities such as tying or chaining the partner and then beating, stabbing, burning, poking, pricking, cutting, and raping him or her are common. The exact opposite holds true for the latter, where the person wants to be bound and tortured in the above manner. Exhibitionism entails a frequent desire to expose one’s genitalia in front of an unknown or unsuspecting person. A voyeur is basically a ‘Peeping Tom’ who loves to watch people naked or indulging in sexual activity. This behavior is called Voyeurism.

Cunnilingus (stimulation of the female genitalia by the tongue), Analingus (stimulation of the anus by the tongue), Fellatio (oral stimulation of the penis), and Sodomy (anal sex) are controversial sexual activities. While, these are medically and legally considered to be abnormal sexual activities by some people or some nations, there are others who believe that these are normal activities that may be indulged in by consenting adults as independent acts or as a part of foreplay before vaginal intercourse.

In Bestiality, the person indulges in sexual activity with an animal. While the aggressor chooses an elderly person as his victim in Gerantophilia, it is a child that falls prey to Pedophilia. A person who gets turned on by women’s items such as stockings, innerwear, and sanitary pads is said to have a fetish for these objects and the perversion is known as Fetishism. Another important perversion Frotteurism involves a man taking advantage of a crowd to rub his genitals against the body of a woman.

Other paraphilias include making obscene phone calls (Telephone Scatalogia), intercourse with dead bodies (Necrophilia), achieving orgasms through enemas (Klismaphilia), and playing or smearing the body with feces or urine, known as Coprolalia or Urophilia respectively. Although knowledge of these terms is not very important, one must certainly be aware about the existence of such sexual perversions as such people are found in every society.

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