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There is already much that is heard and said about smoking. Often, one comes across such information and decides not to smoke; however, as the craving arises again, one goes back to that one puff, maybe with a little guilt this time, but not for too long. This sense of guilt vanishes into thin air with the second puff. It has been found that smoking is one of the major causes of cancers. Smoking is also responsible for millions of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases. This section enlightens you about methods to combat smoking, as smoking is injurious to health!


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Nicotine independence – not impossible!

Most people never realize when an occasional indulgence gradually transforms into a dependence trap. Addiction to tobacco in any form is caused by its active ingredient nicotine, a chemical substance that...
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Quit Smoking Tips

Quitting smoking will make you happy from within and add some more healthy years to your life.
Secondhand smoke is as harmful as active smoking and can lead to the same diseases.
Smoking causes hypertension, a major risk factor in the development of heart attacks and strokes.
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I am smoking at least 10 cigarettes a day. I want to quit this habit. I know this is very bad but I cannot give it up. Please advise.

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How much smoking effects for a women?

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i am chain smoker and use to have lot of tea and coffee.please help me to quit smoking smoking and gain weight

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