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Pregnancy is that wonderful period in a woman’s life when she spends each and every day in pleasant anticipation, waiting to hold her bundle of joy in her arms at the end of the ninth month. Everything feels rosy and she enjoys every bit of pampering that she gets from her husband, in-laws, and parents. Every woman hopes for a normal pregnancy and normal delivery so that she can cradle and nurse a healthy baby. There is a lot of information everywhere, but we provide the same logically and simplistically for the benefit of the mothers-to-be. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy can empower a woman with the ability to stay in control all the time and to experience the transition to motherhood without any untoward incidents. So, just sit back, relax, and browse through these pages of wisdom. Get your husband to read them too. After all, even he has the right to cherish every moment on his way to fatherhood!


Understanding Cause and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Understanding Cause and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Cause of teenage pregnancy
Though the statistics for teenage pregnancy have lowered to great extent, some teenagers are still found to have pregnancies at early stages. The primary cause of teenage pregnancy is unprotected intercourse. A teenager has 90% chances of becoming pregnant who does not use contraception. Teenage pregnancy in India is majorly due to the child marriages. Some of the other reasons behind teenage pregnancy in Indian teenagers may be due to the following traits:

  • Getting into a relation at early stages.
  • High-risk behaviors such as drinking, smoking and drugs.
  • Lack of supporting groups or friends
  • Unhealthy environment at home
  • Stressful and depressed lifestyle.
  • Criminal behavior
  • Living in community where childbearing is common
  • Exposure to the domestic or sexual violence
  • Financial problems.
These are probably the entire list of reasons for pregnancies that occur in early ages in India. No matter what is the reason behind the pregnancy but teenage pregnancy leaves a stigma throughout the life for an Indian girl.

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy brings a range of problems to the mother as well as the child. A teenage mother has to face social, economic and health issues throughout her life.
As soon as a teenager is expected to be pregnant, she is likely to lose the support from her family. At the times when she needs the utmost parental care, she is left helpless. Many of the teenagers who become pregnant are found to lose the relation with sex partners, too. About 60% of teenage mothers deliver their babies without the support from the male partner. Being alone and financial dependence can deeply affect the mental as well as emotional aspects of the girl.
Pregnant teenagers are likely to discontinue their education, too. This eventually leads to the long-term unemployment and brings the financial load on the mother's shoulder. As a result, the mother is likely to opt for low paid jobs. A low income thus affects the overall growth of the child as poverty can not afford to offer adequate health care and even the basic necessities.
Teenagers are likely to suffer from number of health problems during pregnancy. Teenage mothers are always at a higher risk for anaemia, pregnancy-induced hypertension, lower genital tract infections and depression. The unwanted pregnancy can also affect the fetus. Pregnant teenagers are at a higher risk of delivering a pre-mature baby, fetal distress and sudden infant death syndrome. Even after the birth, the infants are at a higher risk of accidental trauma and poisoning, minor acute infections, pre-mature complications. Children born to teenage mothers suffer from social problems like neglect and abuse. Poverty, parenting inexperience and being in an unhealthy relationship can also affect the overall mental and emotional status of a child. It has also been found that children of teenage mothers are likely to become teenage parents themselves.
Besides these, there are number of other issues that teenage mother has to suffer. Therefore, it is highly advised to teenagers to say no to early relations. Even if you undergo a sexual relation, make it a point that you have safe sex. Finally, a woman has to suffer from the life-long problems that come just because of one small mistake!!!!!
Remember, a complete abstinence from sex is the best way of preventing teenage pregnancy!!!

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