Prevent hair loss
the problem of hair loss can be attributed to bad weather, wrong shampoo/conditioner, medicines and diet. here are a few home remedies to tackle the ... More>>
Taking care of your oily hair

Every morning, after a good hair wash, your hair looks very nice and clean; but as evening sets in, it starts looking greasy, lame, and lank. This is because you are... More>>

How to Prevent Hair Loss
hair loss or balding is often considered to be a hereditary problem. therefore, people tend to believe that there are no specific ways of preventing hair loss. however, there are ... More>>

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acidity problem and bp. what food you recomend
Restricting salt intake will help you in reducing your BP and for acidity eating ...
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hair fall
If you ae young then it should woy you. With age fall of hai I natual. Thee can be many ...
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I am a 28year ols female suffering from hair loss near the crown area as well as from the back ( there are pacthes ). The normal texture of my hair is as it is very fine and thin. Kindly advise.
Get yourself check by a ...
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Shaving stroke should follow the direction of facial growth, shaving against the hair follicles causes more skin abrasion
Swimming is a very good exercise for overweight, leg or lower back problem
To have good hair condition and to build hair protein have foods like legumes, mushroom, pumpkin seeds, spinach which are rich in zinc

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