Siddha – the Dravidian Science of Healing
the origin of the siddha system of medicine is attributed to the great siddha ayastiyar and dates back to around 5000 bc. the term 'siddhi' means achievement and this system of medicine derives its name from it. it is believed that eighteen siddhars, who were saintly people with medical knowledge, had ... More>>
Vitamin A
the recommended daily requirement of vitamin a for males is 5000 iu/day, whereas that for females is 4000 iu/day. during pregnancy, a woman needs an additional 200 iu/day, and lactating women should take an additional 400 iu/day. ... More>>
Amylase Test
1 units per hour; whereas for a 24-hour urine sample, a value of up to 5000 units per 24 hours is onsidered to be normal. there are no risks assoiated with olletion of the 24-hour or 2-hour urine samples. however, during blood ... More>>

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what is the work of vighora 5000
Vigora 5000 has been associated ...
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