Women lose cardiac edge
one in four patients undergoing bypass surgery is a woman, found a three-year study of 1,500 bypass patients at the national heart institute (nhi). as many as 10 percent of the women were pre-menopausal - under 49 years. to be published in the indian heart ... More>>
Bitter truth about low cal
but experts say it is the dose that makes the poison, so people are okay as long as they do not exceed the acceptable daily intake of 50 mg per kg of body weight. a study at the european ramazzini foundation for cancer research in bologna, italy, reported last week that aspartame caused cancer of the ... More>>
Diabetes detection made easy
predictably, diagnosis is lower in the villages with over 50 per cent of cases going undetected. to make risk analysis easier, drc has developed a diabetes risk ready-reckoner in partnership with the university of ... More>>

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A injection inject by the doctor on right hip but the medicine insert in the main vain instead of muscle. As per report more than 50% nerve has been damaged. What should we do now?
First and foremost we need to know which ...
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plesae suggest an equivalent tablet for TRANCHLOR 50 .Is it EMETIL 50 is the alternate to tranchlor 50 ?I am not able to get tranchlor 50 from the shop now.Kindly advise immediately. Regards T.VARGHESE PALAKKAD
Tranchlor 50 and Emetil ...
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How can I become 50 kgs?
Are you asking about losing ight to have 50 kg ight? Then the healthiest way to lose ight is by having a balanced diet and regular physical activity. On an average an individual can lose about 3-4 kg/month depending on body type. The following tips will help you in increasing your metabolic rate and help you lose ...
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It is advisable to get a heart checkup done every year after the age of 50 years.
The chances of cancer increase beyond 50 years of age. Annually screening tests are advised.
Go for regular checkups and investigations once you cross 50 years of age. Better safe than sorry!

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