Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is excellent for the detoxification of the body and is known to be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.

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Spinach juice

Spinach juice is known to facilitate the healing of stomach ulcers, besides also offering relief from the pain associated with them.

Type of Meal : Juice

Guava: Vitamin punch
few ople know that guava has more than five times as much vitamin c (212 mg vitamin c r 100 gm guava) as an orange (40 mg r 100 gms). one fresh fruit (90 gms) contains more than the recommended adult daily requirement of this vitamin. despite cooking losses of about 25 ... More>>

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i am 35 year old male and recently dignosed dibetic and i am not taking any medicine.what is the maximum permissible blood sugar renge for good control? and should i start to take any medicine or try to control by exercise and proper latest blood sugar is fasting 100 and 146 pp and i am spending almost 1 hr for exercise daily. please advise
For most of the people the good blood glucose range are… On waking up (before breakfast) - 80 ...
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Doctor, my BP is 60/100. Is this normal? How to improve BP?
Ideally, lood pressure keeps fluctuating throughout the day, even under normal conditions. Age, hormonal fluctuations, physical activity, etc., are some of the physiological factors which affect the ...
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How much calories does 100 gm of rice provide?
A 100 gm of edible portion of rice contains 350 kcal. ... ...
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