appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. the appendix is a small pouch that projects out from the lower end of the caecum, a part of the large intestine. it is located in the lower ... More>>
Home remedies for Appendicitis
inflmmtion of the ppendix (ppendicitis) results due to n overlod of toxic mteril in the cecum. it cn ffect both sexes nd cn be cute or chronic. it usully begins with n brupt, cute pin in the right lower ... More>>
<>appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. this usually occurs as a result of lockage, which attracts microes and causes an infection. an enlarged appendix is est removed surgically ... More>>

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What is the medical management of acute appendicitis?
Emergency hospitalization will be required in a case ...
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I want to know which is the best surgical method to cure appendicitis - laparoscopy or the traditional surgical method?
The best treatment for dicitis requires surgery to remove the ...
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