Positive Stress
stress is defined as a condition or circumstance (not always adverse), which can disturb the normal physiological and psychological functioning of an individual. ... More>>
Brain boosters platter
the stress can muddle the sharpest of minds, but the upside is that eating the right kinds of food can help you get a memory edge. “usually, asking teenagers ... More>>
fortified beverages: a stress reliever

As the month of December approaches, “Exam ka bhoot” starts making your child’s life-a nightmare! Students start feeling tired, stressful just thinking of exams. They... More>>

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Please suggest some vegetarian food sources that are rich in iron.
Some iron-rich vegetarian ...
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How good is chicken and mutton healthy to a potential diabetic who wants to reduce abt 25 kgs of excess weight.
Potential diabetics should restrict a ...
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How often can an overweight potential diabetic have an egg puff (snack), paratha with gravy, chicken and mutton dishes.
Potential diabetics should restrict a high fat diet: Red meat is a rich source ...
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Walking improves sleep which will in turn reduce stress and make you fit and active
Brisk walks, back lifting exercises and Yogic asanas reduce you from stress and help in keeping you fit and fine.
Discuss with your doctor before you start with any exercise regime to rule out any potential risks to your health from these exercises.

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