eat nuts add spark to the heart

Essential to life, magnesium is a strongtioxidant that keeps you youngd healthy. Even small deficiencies could deprive you of a healthy life extension. The most prominent... More>>

pump up your heart
While genetics play some role in the development of cardiovascular disease, there are many risk factors that are, what doctors call, modifiable. With a little effort, you can eliminate or... More>>
High Blood Pressure
the pressure exerted by the blood on the artery walls when the heart contracts and relaxes is what a person's blood pressure values indicate. blood pressure is ... More>>

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My father is 63 year old and he is diabetic since 1996 .All his tests are within normal range except blood sugar which rmains within below 200 and he is on insulin .Problem is that he feels extreme cold in comparison to other diabetics.
Have you mentioned this complain to his ...
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iam an O+ Blood group. I take orange juice regularly for my break fast. Is it ok /
Yes, it is ok to have fresh fruit juices irrespective of the blood ... ...
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please suggest how i reduce my belly and lower portion
Exercising helps in loosing weight all over ...
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Blood Circulative Massager for body Benefits Last Posted Date : 13/02/2016
Blood Circulative Massager The massager vibrates the whole body of the user. The great thing
Managing High Blood Pressure Last Posted Date : 10/09/2014
I think to manage the high blood pressure you need to make sure your frequent blood circulation.
can i donate blood Last Posted Date : 29/05/2013
Any person can donate blood but he or she must be
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Ride a bicycle daily as it will increase stamina, make your lower limb strong and will reduce fat
Swimming is a very good exercise for overweight, leg or lower back problem
Diagnostic values for diabetes are Fasting Blood Sugar >110 mg per dl and Post Prandial (2 hours after lunch) >180mg per dl.

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