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The wonder food
naturally, curd-rice or plain curd at the meal's end is the great south indian tradition, along with idli and dosa, thyagaraja and classical dance. whether one fussed and had to be force-fed the yoghurt, or ate it with relish, it was and still is part of ... More>>
How healthy are artificial sweeteners
with the entry of international players in the food industry, the indian consumer has gained access to a wide variety of food products. those among us who are health-conscious can ... More>>
The power of nature
twenty years ago, if anyone had told you that you could drop milk from your diet and remain absolutely healthy, you would have thought that person was crazy. ten years ago, it would never have occurred to you to ... More>>

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acidity problem and bp. what food you recomend
Restricting salt intake will help you in reducing your BP and for acidity eating ...
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i am over weighted by 20 kgs, what food should i consume, and how can i balance the calories?
You need to consume a low calorie diet. Include esh vegetable salad in every meal. Include sprouts, vegetables, pulses, soya products and ...
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In south indian food what kind of food we can take for getting 1800 calories per day what food we shoud eat. Kindly suggest me and the food should cholestoral free and sugar free
You will need to refer to a dietician to get the right plan. Include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and grains in diet. Use oils ...
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In type 1 diabetes, pancreas doesn't produce insulin unabling the body to metabolize glucose from the food.
Diagnostic values for diabetes are Fasting Blood Sugar >110 mg per dl and Post Prandial (2 hours after lunch) >180mg per dl.
Diagnostic values for diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy is fasting blood glucose > 90mg per dl and post lunch after 2 hours >145mg per dl.

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