Methods of Assessing Protein Quality
the type and sequence of amino acids in each molecule determines the nutritional value, their digestibility and availability in the body. the body largely depends on the class of protein ... More>>
Wheat Grass
did you know about the healing power that wheatgrass offers? wheatgrass, a commonly found herb in india is known for its nutritional value. it contains all the essential amino acids especially alanine, ... More>>
Jhapar dal
a nutritious recipe,including combination of pulses and vegetables; providing protein , fiber and various other nutrients promoting health. main course moderate ... More>>

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my pulse rate is not normal what shoild i do
You will need to ...
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fbg between 98 to 110 (latest value 110) and bgpp 114 to 118 (latest value 117) is it a pre diabetic condition?
It i adviable to repeat your blood ...
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My daily diet. milk 0.75 Liters(wid protein powder) Ghee 3 spoons full.(in Milk) Sprouted pulse 1 catori banana 2-3 per day chapati 8-9 per day with vegi rice 1 boul.With dal more over sandwitch, or some other junks in small qty not every day Am a vegiterain am under weight.Can u help me wid a DIET plan. PLZZZ.
As per the brief dietary recall which you have given, you need to look in for certain dietary ...
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Diagnostic values for diabetes are Fasting Blood Sugar >110 mg per dl and Post Prandial (2 hours after lunch) >180mg per dl.
Diagnostic values for diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy is fasting blood glucose > 90mg per dl and post lunch after 2 hours >145mg per dl.
If the blood glucose value is obtained is in the borderline or gray zone it may be necessary to repeat the test.

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