The Sweet Story of Bitter Neem
all of us reeber the shade-giving nee tree as a part of our childhood stories and our hoetown nostalgias. any of us ay have suffered fro chickenpox as kids and had our ... More>>

A nebulizer is a medical appliance which is used to administer prescribed drugs in a form of a mist, which can be then breathed in through a mouthpiece or a mask. The... More>>

Magnetic resonance Image (MRI) for knee
magnetic resonance image (mri) test is performed with the help of the large machine. the machine uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio waves energy to get knee pictures. muscles, ligaments, cartilage and other joint structures can be ... More>>

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My blood test fasting is 88 and pp is 162. in urine sugar traces nil. I am a pure vegetarian. My age is 60. Daily I do treadmill exercise. Have I to under go any medical treatment for diabetese?
Ideally your fasting should be less then 100mg/dl and your post prandial blood sugar should be less than 140 mg/dl. If this is the first episode that your blood sugar (post ...
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I have been a diabetic since the last 15 years approximately. I am using an insulin pen 50 mixtard for last 7 years. Now I am taking 40-0-36 daily but cannot maintain it below 10 in fasting sugar. How I can control it? I am always under medical treatment.
I’m sorry but your question is not very clear. Were you referring to maintaining the insulin units ...
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I am suffering from severe hair fall. Please suggest some home remedies to treat this problem. I have undergone medical abortions thrice in the past and am not being able to conceive now. Please advise.
The fact that you have undergone medical termination of pregnancy so many times means that your body ...
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If you are suffering from a heart attack, start coughing. This will increase the blood supply to your heart till medical help arrives.
A good health insurance plan covers hospital and physicians' expenses and surgical and major medical expenses.
If you are not eating well and losing weight, consult your doctor first to rule out any medical condition causing the problem.

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