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Homemade Face Packs for Oily Skin

Are you tired of trying various creams and lotions, with nothing seeming to work for your oily skin? It is time for you to go natural then! Use these easy-to-make... More>>

Fat facts: Not all fats and edible oils are bad for health
most brands of edible oil claim to be healthier than others, leaving even informed consumers confused. reams have been written about a healthy oil being one that has no trans fatty acids, is low in saturated ... More>>

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how important are milk, oil, ghee in a regular diet? How wise is it to skip these altogether?
Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and mineral all together form a ...
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Hi, i have met with an accident a month ago and i was told not to do any sort of excercises. walking is also not adviced as i have pelvix fracture(right side). i was under control before that but since i eat and stay at the same place, i have put on weight. my body is made in such a way if i eat little oil also, ill put on weight. please suggest me some remedy for loosing safely.
A low calorie but a nutritious diet is what you need. Eat food at fixed hours. Include fresh egetable salad in eery meal. Include sprouts, ...
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i tested blood sugar fasting for 136 and high cholestrol, a month back, i have taken atrovastatin for cholestrol and have started rigrous morning walk for 1 hour and then aerobics for about 5 mins. i have also changed my diet and turned total vegitarian, lowered intake of oil (DARA) to about half of tea spoon. I lost about 6 kgs in 1 month i was weighing 85 kgs and now after 1 month i am 79 kgs... what is my correct diet. my age is 38 years
Switching to use of more healthy oils like olive, mustard, soybean, rice bran ...
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To prevent dandruff add little fenugreek and lemon to your oil and apply
To soothe your chapped lips, apply warm sesame oil.
For puffy lips, apply a mixture of cream, petroleum jelly, cinnamon oil, & sugar. This deals with dryness & makes your lips look pretty.

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