Diabetes Mellitus
diabete mellitu i a chronic dieae that i characterized by high level of ugar in the blood. it can be caued by too little inulin (a hormone produced by the pancrea to regulate blood ... More>>
Blood Glucose Test
this test helps to diagnose diabetes mellitus and to monitor its treatment. diabetes that occurs durg pregnancy (gestational diabetes) can also be detected usg the same test. hypoglycemia, a condition ... More>>
Diabetes – Myths & Facts
diabete – myth & fact diabete i a contagiou dieae…eating too much of ugar caue diabete…if you have diabete then you can never eat ... More>>

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What is the treatment for diabetes?
Treatment of diabetes varies from person to person based on ...
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what is the ideal treatment for diabetes?
Treatment f diabetes varies frm persn t persn based ...
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dear doctor , i am diabetes 2 patient since 3 months, i learnt that there is now a surgery to correct the problem, please advise me if this is true. regards - suhail
Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder. There are medicines to bring diabetes under control. But there is no cure for it as ...
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In diabetes, the body either doesn't make enough insulin or can't use insulin correctly which causes glucose levels to rise in bloodstream.
In type 1 diabetes, pancreas doesn't produce insulin unabling the body to metabolize glucose from the food.
In type 2 diabetes, though pancreas manufacture insulin but due to reduce insulin sensitivity medications are needed to offset the symptoms.

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