Diabetes – Myths & Facts
diabete – myth & fact diabete i a contagiou dieae…eating too much of ugar caue diabete…if you have diabete then you can never eat ... More>>
Diabetes detection made easy
do you have diabetes? it's quite likely you do but don't know it. researchers at the diabetes research centre (drc), a who-collaborated diabetes centre in india, have found that one in seven ... More>>
“Expecting” Diabetes
“expecting” diabetes “i’m expecting…but i have got diabetes….i am worried.” your worry is right if you are pregnant and are diagnosed of ... More>>

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What is the treatment for diabetes?
Treatment of diabetes varies from person to person based on ...
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what is the ideal treatment for diabetes?
Treatment f diabetes varies frm persn t persn based ...
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dear doctor , i am diabetes 2 patient since 3 months, i learnt that there is now a surgery to correct the problem, please advise me if this is true. regards - suhail
Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder. There are medicines to bring diabetes under control. But there is no cure for it as ...
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In diabetes, the body either doesn't make enough insulin or can't use insulin correctly which causes glucose levels to rise in bloodstream.
In type 1 diabetes, pancreas doesn't produce insulin unabling the body to metabolize glucose from the food.
In type 2 diabetes, though pancreas manufacture insulin but due to reduce insulin sensitivity medications are needed to offset the symptoms.

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