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Home remedies to relieve heartburn
it is a condition in which the stomach secretes surplus amounts of hydrochloric acid, causing burning, uneasiness, and stomach pain. if the body fails to get rid of this excess acid, it can lead to ... More>>
Beat the belly
of all the e-mails i get every day, y far the most common ­ from men and women alike ­ are questions aout how <>to lose stuorn <>elly <>fat. the pot <>elly... love handles... spare tyre... call it what you will, it seems <>to e one stuorn area of your ... More>>
Abdominal obesity
many peple gain weight arund the belly (termed the abdmen in technical terms) and i'm sure a lt f yu wuld agree with me that it is quite embarrassing t have a pt belly! this nt nly takes away the charm ... More>>

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How to reduce flappy arms n thighs at home
Exercising is best to keep yourself active. There are no such exercises ...
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Hi What would be the best tip to reduce weight
To eat right and to exercise regularly are the best tips to reduce and maintain ... ...
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My ideal weight shows me to be 63-70 Kgs. however, about 7 years ago, when I was not "fat" I was weighing 81 kgs with no signs of over-weight. Is it my bone weight as I am broad shouldered? What should be the actual realistic weight that I should target from a current level of 103 kgs.
To know you ideal weight - your age, gender and height are also required to be ...
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[b]Deemark Fat Killer[/b] Many persons spend time going to different gyms, trying out new forms
Remesol oil is to be applied locally 3 to 4 times daily or as directed by health professional.
High cholesterol home remedies? Last Posted Date : 12/06/2013
Hi There, Flak seeds prove beneficial in leveling the high cholesterol levels. Hope this
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Walk daily as it reduces the chances of heart attack and stroke
Walking improves sleep which will in turn reduce stress and make you fit and active
Try running every day as it will enhance your stamina and quickly reduce excess fats

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