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is whey protien goog for health
It is good for health but just constituting ...
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sir, this is prasad 22 years age and 5.7 height and i am having 56kgs weighti am taking food in the morning and fruits like banana,apple,orange in the afternoon and again taking 4rotis in my dinner is that sufficient for my daily calories requirement and for good health or shall i add few more to my diet i often feel week during 4pm-6pm plz do reply thanku sir
To begin with a heavy breakfast is good to jump start your day, it could simply include a ...
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My husband is 40 years old, has a very stressful job, travels extensively, is 6ft 1inch tall and weighs 104 kgs, smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks everyday. He has a family history of heart disease as his father has undergone bypass surgery and has suffered a 2nd attack also. My husband has been recently diagnosed with hypertension. Please advice what his diet should be and what all precautions he needs to take to avoid any major health problems.
As you said that he has got family history of heart problem, he is a smoker, alcoholic and is recently diagnosed to be a hypertension, he is all the more prone to get heart ...
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Discuss with your doctor before you start with any exercise regime to rule out any potential risks to your health from these exercises.
It is very essential to give a little time everyday to your feet so as to prevent health problems. Check your feet everyday for any cuts, sores, red spots, swelling or infected toenails.
Exercise regular to prevent loosening of muscles & induce anabolic mechanism which maintains health

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