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Look before you bite
after cracking down on smoking, the union health ministry is talking tough on food safety. in fact, it is close to introducing a comprehensive food labeling law that will make it mandatory for all packaged foods to carry ... More>>
The new nutrition mantra: go nuts
now that potato, polished rice and pasta have fallen out of favor because of their high carb and high glycaemic content, nutritionally potent nuts are back on the platter of the health conscious. the ... More>>
Anti-blindness drive backfires
that's exactly what's happening with the government's national programme for prevention of >nutritional blindness. reakline/> under this programme, around 70 million childr.en under the age of three are being given extremely high doses of vitamin a, which can cause toxicity ... More>>

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iam pregnant now i want my diet and nutrition chart
You will to consult a ...
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what should be my diet ? I am travelling 12 days acroos th india.
To give a suggestion on body weight, your age, ...
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is whey protien goog for health
It is good for health but just constituting ...
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Discuss with your doctor before you start with any exercise regime to rule out any potential risks to your health from these exercises.
It is very essential to give a little time everyday to your feet so as to prevent health problems. Check your feet everyday for any cuts, sores, red spots, swelling or infected toenails.
Exercise regular to prevent loosening of muscles & induce anabolic mechanism which maintains health

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