Diabetes detection made easy
researchers at the diabetes research centre (drc), a who-collaborated diabetes centre in india, have found that one in seven people living in metros have diabetes and one-third of them don't know it. they analysed data from 10,000 people in delhi, chennai, bangalore, mumbai, ... More>>
India's AIDS campaign flawed, says study
india is making perilous mistakes in its fight against aids by assuming the the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) is being spread overhelmingly by sex and especially by prostitutes, a study ... More>>
Quit smoking and stay healthy ever after...
eone knows that smoking and chewing tobacco is bad for health, yet 250 million people in india - almost a fourth of the country's population - consume some form of tobacco. people think that they can give up tobacco use whenever they want, but it's not that easy. nicotine is a ... More>>

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Does Bariatric surgery reverse type II diabetes? Can the surgery be carried out in India and what will be the cost? Please advice.
There re some cses where britric surgery ...
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I’m from India. I want your help. Under depression, since 2 months, I have been consuming about 10 to 20 gram of phorate. I’m now suffering from weight loss, I can’t eat food, and I also have trouble emptying my bowels. Please tell me if I can survive? Please give me some solution. I’ve asked this question earlier. Is it okay for one to try committing suicide with rat poison?
Please consult your psychiatrist immediately. Your symptoms are certainly the toxicological symptoms of the poison you are taking. The fact that you are getting suicidal thoughts and are ...
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Bottled Water in India no-longer safe Last Posted Date : 16/03/2015
I would like to inform everyone to be cautious and think twice before purchasing a bottle of water
Fertility Center in India Last Posted Date : 15/10/2012
Hi, We provide a wide variety of infertility treatments, from basic infertility care to advanced
Biggest strength is the strong Indian batting lineup and the weakness is the bowling attack. Yuvraj
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