Hair Loss
today, there are millions of people suffering from hair loss or baldness. hair loss is usually found to occur in adults but can also affect teenagers. hair loss during the early years of life is often the result of injury, ... More>>
Foods to aid sleep
studies have, time and again, demonstrated that insufficient or disturbed sleep can have detrimental effects on the functioning of the brain: you lose alertness and your memory is affected; and poor sleep can also unbalance decision-making. according to ayurveda, the people who are most vulnerable to sleep ... More>>
Tress stress
given how aesthetically important hair is for us, hair loss is distressing. hair is made of keratin, a kind of protein; so eating the right protein is important. every strand of hair has a follicle that ... More>>

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hair fall
If you ae young then it should woy you. With age fall of hai I natual. Thee can be many ...
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I am a 28year ols female suffering from hair loss near the crown area as well as from the back ( there are pacthes ). The normal texture of my hair is as it is very fine and thin. Kindly advise.
Get yourself check by a ...
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Hi, I am a thyroid patient from the last six months. I am currently on Thyronorm 25mcg. I am a female, 5ft tall and weigh 57 kilos. I desperately want to lose weight. Please suggest me what should I do
You will have to plan a diet along with a dietician as the diet plan needs to be made keeping some points in mind like ...
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Deemark Hair Building Fibers Last Posted Date : 18/04/2016
[b]Hair Building Fibers is wonderful herbal products for improve the hair conditions.[/b] It is
Hair transplant treatment Last Posted Date : 17/12/2015
Hair Transplant is the process wherein the hair follicles get shifted to the areas that have sparse
my hair is growing white Last Posted Date : 17/07/2013
Hi everybody, don't worry about white hairs there is a solution for white hairs now this
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Shaving stroke should follow the direction of facial growth, shaving against the hair follicles causes more skin abrasion
To have good hair condition and to build hair protein have foods like legumes, mushroom, pumpkin seeds, spinach which are rich in zinc
To have silky shiny hair ensure that you are having lots of water. Water makes one fourth of the weight of a strand of hair

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