Folliculitis is an infectious disease that is characterizedy inflammation of the hair follicles. Tiny white-headed pimples appear around the hair follicles. They may... More>>

Make Your Hair Beautiful

Your hair is the priceless possession and you leave no stone unturned to retain and beautify them. There are numerous myths shrouding you and... More>>

Polycystic ovarian disease
increase in the size and number of follicles causes enlargement of the ovaries and further hormonal imbalance symptoms of pcod's irregular menses (metrorrhagia) or absence of menses (amenorrhea) infertility (failure to conceive/become pregnant) hirsuitism (excessive growth of facial hair) darkening/thickening of skin at the folds like the groin, neck and underarms pain during the time of ovulation due to stretching of ovaries by the ... More>>

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hair fall
If you ae young then it should woy you. With age fall of hai I natual. Thee can be many ...
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I am a 28year ols female suffering from hair loss near the crown area as well as from the back ( there are pacthes ). The normal texture of my hair is as it is very fine and thin. Kindly advise.
Get yourself check by a ...
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Can Ayurveda completely cure diabetice
Till date there is ...
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Shaving stroke should follow the direction of facial growth, shaving against the hair follicles causes more skin abrasion
To have good hair condition and to build hair protein have foods like legumes, mushroom, pumpkin seeds, spinach which are rich in zinc
To have silky shiny hair ensure that you are having lots of water. Water makes one fourth of the weight of a strand of hair

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