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eat nuts add spark to the heart

Essential to life, magnesium is a strongtioxidant that keeps you youngd healthy. Even small deficiencies could deprive you of a healthy life extension. The most prominent... More>>

Diet for Diabetics
the diabetic may adhere only to a diet, or to a diet along with insulin doses, or with oral hypoglycemic drugs. the reason for a diet is to maintain ideal body weight by providing sufficient nutrition ... More>>
food for checking blood pressure
Hypertension or high blood pressure is a rising lifestyle problem around the world. According to World Health Organization, one out of every three individuals is... More>>

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acidity problem and bp. what food you recomend
Restricting salt intake will help you in reducing your BP and for acidity eating ...
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I am diabetic. Is sugar present in Revitalite?
There is no sugar ...
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My cholesterol is high. What do i do?
You need take the prescribed medicines if any. Along with them you need to be careful with what you eat. Decrease the ...
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Blood Circulative Massager The massager vibrates the whole body of the user. The great thing
Managing High Blood Pressure Last Posted Date : 10/09/2014
I think to manage the high blood pressure you need to make sure your frequent blood circulation.
High cholesterol home remedies? Last Posted Date : 12/06/2013
Hi There, Flak seeds prove beneficial in leveling the high cholesterol levels. Hope this
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In type 1 diabetes, pancreas doesn't produce insulin unabling the body to metabolize glucose from the food.
Diagnostic values for diabetes are Fasting Blood Sugar >110 mg per dl and Post Prandial (2 hours after lunch) >180mg per dl.
Diagnostic values for diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy is fasting blood glucose > 90mg per dl and post lunch after 2 hours >145mg per dl.

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