Water: Drink and thrive
plenty of fluids are part of e prescription for most illnesses, but doctors say at dengue patients need at least one litre (5 glasses) more an healy people, who should have at least two litres (10 glasses) of water a day. ... More>>
Home remedies for Dengue
dengue is an infectious viral disease at is transmitted by mosquitoes of e species aedes aegypti. sudden high fever (about 105ºf), acute body pain, and severe headaches mark e onset of ... More>>
Dengue Fever
fever is a severe infectious disease characterized by pain in the eyes, head, and extremities. the disease is transmitted by the bite of an aedes aegypti mosquito, carrying the ... More>>

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I am 36 yrs, male, height 5 ft 10 inches and weighing 110 kgs wanting to lose atleast 20 kgs. pls suggest me a diet and a exercise plan
A per your height, your weight i uppoed to be ranging between 69 to 75 kg. Since your weight i on the higher ...
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can i have some fats in my daiy diet and can i burn all of them everyday by workin out. will it hamper the mascle gain.
Always have a balanced diet. Fats are one ...
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how can i reduce my wight from 85 to 65 in 4months. pls suuggest diet chart & exersize details
To give a suggestion on body weight, your ...
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thx for the post. good
diet and weight management Last Posted Date : 08/03/2011
I don't think so but you should be careful while consuming. I take 2 sweet shakes daily. Its thru
diet and weight management Last Posted Date : 14/02/2011
How many calories are burned walking per
diet and weight management Last Posted Date : 14/02/2011
How many calories are burned walking per
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Diet and exercise play a very important role along with medications in maintaining the normal blood sugar levels.
A diet rich in tomato can reduce he risk of prostate cancer in men due to its lycopene content
Hypertensive patients must consume lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet as a diet high in potassium reduces hypertension

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