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Foot infections, foot ulcers, and leg amputations are some of the major causes of morbidity and disability in diabetics. Thus, peopleh diabetes, especially those... More>>

Ways to Avoid the Complications of Diabetes
once you are labeled a diabetic, you need to take initiatives to avoid future complications as far as possible. people with diabetes can definitely live a happy life by simply taking some precautionary measures. ... More>>
Diabetic and expecting
the diabetes in pregnancy study group, india (dipsi), recommends diabetic screening for all pregnant women. what causes it? during digestion, the body breaks down carbohydrates from food like ... More>>

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I am diabetic. Is sugar present in Revitalite?
There is no sugar ...
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Which are the vegetables and fruits that are good for diabetic patients?
Practically all fruits and ...
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a diabetic has very sensitive nerves in his feet how do we cure it
For a diabetic to control his/her blood glucose level is very ...
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What exercises, diets and precautions you will suggest for a diabetic patient? I have heard about
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Making appropriate lifestyle changes will save high risk individuals from diabetes or prevent the diabetics from developing complications.
The best exercise for an elderly diabetic is walking, which can be augmented by jogging or other exercises in the younger individuals.
Research has shown that 25 gm of fenugreek (methi) seeds when taken daily reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics

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