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Herbal Remedies for Constipation
constipation is a common problem that occurs at least once in every person's life. it is characterized by infrequent bowel movements. the patient usually complains of abdominal discomfort ... More>>
constipation is a trm that rfrs to difficult, infrqunt, or inadquat bowl movmnts. th frquncy could rduc to thr tims a wk or vn lssr. in lif, almost vryon will hav ... More>>
Constipation can give your child a bad time
what really do we know about childhood constipation? to tell the truth, many of us know nothing. constipation is a common problem in children and may develop even when there is nothing ... More>>

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Hello, I m 64 kgs 5 feet 4 inches quite heavy on my hips rather than upper body. I climb 7 floors at least 4 times a week around 6 times a day and other 3 imes of the week i go for a jog. The problem is that inspite of doing adequate activity im not really lossing my lower body .Please guide to as i want to teach 55 kgs .
As per your height your weight should some where between 56 kg to 60 kg. You are doing ...
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As I am working in a pvt. ltd. firm, plz suggest me that wht kind of diet shud I take to loose weight (I am 27 yrs old & my wght is 78 kgs)
To give a suggestion on body weight, your age, gender, height and weight are ...
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How do i reduce my weight? I feel very uncomfortable to see how fast my weight is increasing and though i do excersie in the morning walking after dinner I feel it is not effecting me. Please guide me how can I get success in whatever I am doing or need to change anything then. Also please tell me which excercise should I do and what diet should I follow. I am 21 years with 5.8in height and weight of 77kgs. Please reply as soon as follow.
Add some more exercses to your regme. Alternate and do them. Increase the tme span for exercse gradually. Eatng rght ...
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Chronic use of laxatives can lead to constipation and hence should be avoided
Exercise lowers blood sugar & improves body’s ability to use glucose, and thus, helps the body insulin work better. Sponsor Bayer
Best time to exercise is in morning before breakfast, but check if your blood sugar is not low. If low, then take some food before exercise.

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