cataract is a disease of the eye that is characterized by clouding of the natural lens. the lens is the part of the eye that helps to focus light on the retina, which in turn sends visual ... More>>
Cataract Surgery
the cataract is opacity in eye lens where eye lens becomes crystalline. it is slow process following gradual opacification yellowing causing total loss of vision. cataract ... More>>
Is cataract clouding your vision?
every so often we hear of a person going in for a cataract operation. we know it has something to do with the eye but we don't know what it really is. so let's get things a bit clear. a cataract is the ... More>>

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I am a 23 year-old man from Mumbai, India. I was diagnosed with glaucoma 16 months back and underwent a trabeculectomy on the right eye, due to sustained high eye pressure. Post surgery vision in the right eye hasn't returned to normal and I have developed a cataract in the concerned eye. My question is what are the various non- surgical ways to cure cataract ? (Ayurveda, homeopathy, Allopathy, Herbal, etc.) And which is the most effective?
The surgery that you mentioned about (Trabeculectomy) is carried out to reduce the Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) in cases that ...
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What are the symptoms for cataract? When should one go for surgery?
The symptoms of cataract usually include blurry, cloudy, or ...
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