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How healthy are artificial sweeteners
with the entry of international players in the >food industry, the >indian consumer has gained access to a wide variety of >food products. those among us who are health-conscious can choose from a range of health >foods. ... More>>
Framing a diet
whether you are trying to lose weight, or putting on muscle, whether you have a medical condition or are on a fitness programme, eating out can be both, a cause of worry and the downfall of any efforts you have made at controlling your food intake till now. you can't cancel all engagements and live the life of a recluse. but you can eat out without ... More>>

Kashaai is a delicious South Indian beverage that works wonders in preventing as well as treating common colds. It is also an excellent digestive that effectively treats flatulent dyspepsia.... More>>

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acidity problem and bp. what food you recomend
Restricting salt intake will help you in reducing your BP and for acidity eating ...
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Hi my current weight is 56kg and i am 5ft 8.5 and do about an hours walking per day but the rest is sedentary. How many calories do i need to maintain my current weight? Also does it matter what time of day i take in calories?
To maintain your current ...
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my weight is 81 kg at the moment and target is 60 how many calories should i consume in a day
Your weight will depend on your height, ...
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In type 1 diabetes, pancreas doesn't produce insulin unabling the body to metabolize glucose from the food.
Chillies, pepper, ginger, garam masala, chillies, meat soups, strong tea, coffee and protein rich foods aggravates gastric ulcer
To have good hair condition and to build hair protein have foods like legumes, mushroom, pumpkin seeds, spinach which are rich in zinc

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