Forty winks fortify your heart: study
catching 40 winks in the middle of the day may get you the sack, but will protect you from a heart attack. a large uk study of 2,681 people in greece reported that those who cat-napped for at least ... More>>
Coenzyme Q10
complex metabolic processes keep taking place within the human body all through the day and various enzymes support these functions. one such enzyme is coenzyme q10. this enzyme is necessary for the basic functioning of cells. its levels are reported to decrease with age and ... More>>
Creatine - Good or Bad?
in today's world of sports, there is increasing competition. in this competitive world, where every individual wishes to outdo others, people tend to depend on certain supplements or ergogenic ... More>>

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Hi my current weight is 56kg and i am 5ft 8.5 and do about an hours walking per day but the rest is sedentary. How many calories do i need to maintain my current weight? Also does it matter what time of day i take in calories?
To maintain your current ...
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i am having cough and cold from last 2 days .what should i do to improve my health
Refer your doctor for medicines. Avoid eating ...
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Can i smoke 2 cigertte a day
‘Smoking is injurious to health’…even if it is one cigarette a day. Your standing next to a smoker is ...
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Happy Valentine Day! Last Posted Date : 16/02/2011
Happy Valentine Day! Love is like a rollercoaster ride - sometimes its exhilarating but sometimes
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Try running every day as it will enhance your stamina and quickly reduce excess fats
The speed and the time you should walk in a day should be individualised. Only the treating doctor can make such decisions.
Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Adequate sleep helps your brain & heart rest during the night and function more effectively during the day.

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