Under pressure
he was taken to hospital where he was told he had suffered a mild heart attack caused by high blood pressure (bp). vinay was flummoxed. how could he suffer from high bp? he was young and energetic and not stressed out in the least. that's when the doctor shed light on a ... More>>
Stress taking its toll: Study
atleast 90 per cent patients reported at the recently organised free ayurveda camp, suffered from diabetes, obesity, osteo arthritis, high bp and with no family background of these diseases. they were unable to tell when was the last time they laughed and the food they took last evening. shockingly, many of ... More>>
Ambulatory Electrocardiography
you have to manually press a button on the monitor to record your heart activity when you experience any discomfort. event recorders are used only when a patient develops distressing symptoms. in these caes, the machine is not attached ... More>>

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acidity problem and bp. what food you recomend
Restricting salt intake will help you in reducing your BP and for acidity eating ...
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what is the ideal B.P
120/80 mmHg is the ideal BP ... ...
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10 year male(boy)got hydronephrosis with hardly any parenchyma left (puj obstruction)in right kidney as detected by abdominal sonography.had fever for 2 weeks. treated with ceftriaxone injection 1g iv twice a day. now no fever, but BP raised 150/90, please suggest what to do and whom to consult
In this case it is advisable to consult a ...
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blood pressure monitor Last Posted Date : 13/09/2011
Hello, everyone, i am a doctor, here i want to share the good device in medical. Here i will
Stopping BP Medicines Last Posted Date : 18/09/2009
I am 51 years old and have lost about 15 kgs in the past 9 months. My blood pressure too has come
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Self monitoring of blood glucose is an essential step in management of your diabetes.
Regular exercise helps keep arteries elastic, even in older people, which in turn keeps blood flowing and bp low
Regular exercise helps keep arteries elastic, even in older people, which in turn keeps blood flowing and bp low.

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