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Ophthalmological Assessment

Our eyes are extremely delicate and need to be taken care of well; however, most of us tend to take them for granted and hit the panic button only when the damage is already done. Take this assessment to check whether your eyes are healthy.


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  1. Do you experience eye fatigue throughout the day?
    Yes    No

  2. Can you see distant objects clearly?
    Yes    No

  3. Are you able to read a book, holding it about twelve inches away from your face?
    Yes    No

  4. Do your eyes water many times in the day?
    Yes    No

Antioxidants such as beta carotene (found in green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables and carrots), Lutein (found in spinach, cabbage, and marigold), Zeaxanthin (found in spinach and corn), vitamin E, vitamin C, Lycopene, and omega 3 PUFA (found in fish) are helpful in preventing diseases of the eyes. Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and exercising regularly are equally important too.

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