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I want to reduce my hip portion. What should I do? What type of exercise I should do?
(Speciality: Doctor)
Abdomen/hip portion is the one of the areas where major fat deposition occurs. To reduce fat, it is essential to have a balanced diet with an active lifestyle and fixed meal timings. Regular physical activity with raise in metabolism is the only solution to lose fat. For weight loss and to increase your metabolic rate few of the following things must be considered: Consume foods rich in fibre like whole grain cereals, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables rather than refined flour preparation, juices, aerated drinks etc. Have a diet rich in good quality protein like egg white, lean chicken, soya, sprouts etc. Include foods rich in omega three fatty acids like flax seed, fish, etc., in your diet. Have foods low in dietary fat like skimmed milk & milk products. Restrict your oil intake to not more than 2-3 tsp/day. Have small frequent meals. Regular physical activity is equally important to have a healthy weight loss. Physical activity like brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, gym, swimming, and even stair climbing can be tried in combination with stomach crunches, squats, pushups to lose weight. For every individual calorie needs varies as per there height, weight, age, gender and activity levels. For a personalized diet plan kindly visit: Before starting any exercise regimen, discuss it with your doctor to know which exercise suits you the best.

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