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Is steam bath good for health and will it help lose weight along with exercise? Thanks & Regards, Veena
(Speciality: Dietician)
Yes, steam bath is good for health, it relieves from respiratory problems, it also helps in cleansing and toning skin. After the work out it helps in relieving muscular pain because the heat causes the blood vessels to expand this increases the blood circulation, allowing more oxygen to the damaged tissues and muscles. It also relieves us from stress and stress related problem like hypertension. It also calms our mind. Steam bath will not lose weight. Weight can be fat, water or muscle tissue. What we want to lose fat is fat. But in steam bath what we lose as weight is water and not fat, which is regained after drinking water. So it is a temporary weight loss. Use steam bath as one of the methods to achieve your goal for weight loss, but not the only one. In order to reduce body fat, cardiovascular exercise is a must. Also a good diet plan with a strong discipline to do weight lifting.

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