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Food is one of the basic human necessities. To live without it is impossible. But we all eat to live and not live to eat. Therefore, it is very essential to eat the right food. If a balanced diet is consumed always then it provides the human body with all the essential nutrients required to be healthy, and thus, saves you from various health hazards. This section has articles that will give you information on various diet and nutritional tips that will direct you towards good health.


The healing powers of barley water

The healing powers of barley water

Barley is an annual cereal plant (the commonest species being Hordeum vulgare) of the family Gramineae (grass). It is an important and widely distributed plant. Barley was known to the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians and was the chief bread material in Europe as late as the 16th century. Today barley is typically a special-purpose grain with many varieties, other than the general one that is available in the market.

This plant is a valuable stock feed (often used as a corn substitute) and is used for making malt (where the grain requirement is of a high quality). It is a minor ingredient in many types of breakfast foods. Pearl barley is often used in soups. In the Middle East, a limited amount of barley is eaten like rice. In the United States, most of the spring barley comes from the western states and winter barley is grown in the southeastern states during autumn.

Barley water is an ancient home remedy that was supposed to clear up the complexion and stop the formation of wrinkles. This solution is said to be good for someone whose digestive fire is low, as per ayurvedic concepts. It is very easy to assimilate and is known to nourish fat tissue, which in turn is essential for the development of healthy bone tissue. According to some scholars, barley is extremely nutritious and provides energy for the body, besides also being beneficial in pharyngitis and cough. It reduces the inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), expels toxins from the body, and is a good diuretic, i.e., it induces urination.

This solution is an excellent thirst quencher. It is given to sick people and to those who have lost their appetite. Barley water is a traditionally acclaimed drink, which nourishes the kidneys during times of stress. It is an integral part of all kidney cleansing programs. According to one of the treatises, a suspension prepared by boiling one part of barley in fifteen parts of water till the volume decreases to two-third of what it originally was, is useful in the treatment of at least a hundred diseases of the body. It is also used to treat cystitis, which is the inflammation of the urinary bladder.

Drinking barley water can help to prevent urinary tract infections during pregnancy. Regular consumption causes any foul smell in the urine or discomfort associated with urination to go away completely. Barley water has been used as a baby food during weaning, before starting off with barley mush. Considering the health benefits, barley is definitely a cereal that is a must in the diet of health conscious people. As they say 'Prevention is better than cure,' it would make perfect sense to incorporate this tasty food item in our day-to-day eating patterns.

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