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Food is one of the basic human necessities. To live without it is impossible. But we all eat to live and not live to eat. Therefore, it is very essential to eat the right food. If a balanced diet is consumed always then it provides the human body with all the essential nutrients required to be healthy, and thus, saves you from various health hazards. This section has articles that will give you information on various diet and nutritional tips that will direct you towards good health.


Natural cure for jaundice

Jaundice is a symptom typically caused by hemolysis, liver disease, or bile duct obstruction. It is marked by yellowing of the skin and sclera (the white part of the eye). Many natural remedies are known since ancient times to prevent and cure jaundice. An old standing remedy for treating jaundice is the use of tulsi leaves. Pounding and consuming 7-8 leaves of tulsi (basil) in 200 ml of water, two times a day can promote normal liver function and regulate bile production.

The juice of radish leaves is considered very effective for curing jaundice. The leaves are crushed and their juice is extracted through a thin muslin cloth. Adult patients are advised to drink half a liter of this juice for 8-10 days. Radish juice flushes out the excess bilirubin and thus helps in detoxifying the blood. It also brings back the lost appetite and aids in proper evacuation of the bowels. Similarly, drinking 4-5 glasses of barley water daily is recommended until the jaundice subsides. Barley acts as a diuretic and helps in washing away the toxins from the body.

Coriander seeds are able to alleviate jaundice naturally. Drinking 30-50 ml of coriander seed water (soak and boil 2 tablespoons of coriander seed in ½ liter of water) is found to reduce yellowness of the skin and sclera. Regular intake of tomato juice on an empty stomach in the morning is also useful in combating jaundice. This vegetable juice contains plenty of essential nutrients, which act as potent detoxifiers, eliminating toxins from the body.

Another easy cure for jaundice is consuming amla or lemon juice daily. Being a rich source of vitamin C, amla protects the damaged liver cells and improves the blood circulation. It neutralizes free radical damage and restores liver health and function. These measures usually have zero side-effects and are therefore 100% safe. However, one should use these remedies only as an adjunct to medical treatment for curing the symptoms and preventing fatal complications.


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