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Children are the ones who are most susceptible to infections. Sore throats, common cold, tonsillitis, fever, stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, ear pain, toothache…are some complaints that all children suffer from more than once in their childhood. Medical attention is a must in sickness; but besides that, regular health checkups, following the immunization schedule, and appropriate healthcare steps at home – all play a crucial role in boosting your child’s immunity and maintaining his or her health. Keeping the needs of growing children in mind, we bring you some useful articles on how you can keep your kid healthy and strong.

My baby is very thin she never eats anything including milk. She is 1year 8 month old. She is getting regular fever. She is very thin. Please suggest any medicine for her to get hungry.
(Speciality: Doctor)
Recurrent (repeated) fever needs to be evaluated thoroughly to find out if it is because of the same cause or different causes. For that we need to know how often does she gets fever and how long does it lasts for. Lack of appetite is a common problem with kids. Do not force them to eat instead give them more of fruits or fruits juices. Raw vegetables, soups or vegetable juices would also do. If the child is too underweight then it is essential to examine and investigate her thoroughly to rule out causes like intestinal worms or any other underlying ailment. It is thereby essential to consult a paediatrician for an opinion as prescriptions can’t be given without examination. The rate of growth slows considerably after the first year of life. In the first 12 months tripling of birth weight occurs wherein another year passes before weight is quadrupled. Feeding kids can really be a challenge at times. Few of the following tips may help you in feeding the child: Offer several small servings of food in a day. Include variety in food. If your child does not like plain milk substitutes like flavoured milk or even cheese can be tried. Colours work for kids. Make meals which look very colorful, attractive and good smell. Appearance of food plays a very important role. The physical condition where the child is fed also makes lots of difference. Ensure that the child’s eating position is comfortable. Schedule the meal times as per your child’s activity pattern. Do not feed the child when the child is tired. You can try including your child in meal planning, and by making your child a part of the family meal. But during these conditions care should be taken that

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