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Replacement of Knee
Damagedee joint is surgically replaced with the artificialee joint inee replacement. There are two types ofee replacements. Totalee replacement - In totalee replacement surgery, the damaged surface of wholeee is replaced with metal and plastic implants. ... More>>

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sir, this is prasad 22 years age and 5.7 height and i am having 56kgs weighti am taking food in the morning and fruits like banana,apple,orange in the afternoon and again taking 4rotis in my dinner is that sufficient for my daily calories requirement and for good health or shall i add few more to my diet i often feel week during 4pm-6pm plz do reply thanku sir
To begin with a heavy breakfast is good to jump start your day, i ...
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Walking is better than running because the latter can lead to earlier degenerative changes of the knee joint with advancing age.

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Remesol oil is to be applied locally 3 to 4 times daily or as directed by health professional.
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