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Right place ­ the dustbin. "It's when your lips get rashes after using your favourite lipstick, when there's itching after applying your favourite cream or some other kind of irritation," advises makeup artist and hairstylist Rakesh Seth. What happens is the moment you open the lid of any... More>>

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sir, this is prasad 22 years age and 5.7 height and i am having 56kgs weighti am taking food in the morning and fruits like banana,apple,orange in the afternoon and again taking 4rotis in my dinner is that sufficient for my daily calories requirement and for good health or shall i add few more to my diet i often feel week during 4pm-6pm plz do reply thanku sir
To begin with a heavy breakfast is good to jump start your day, i ...
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For puffy lips, apply a mixture of cream, petroleum jelly, cinnamon oil, & sugar. This deals with dryness & makes your lips look pretty.

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