World Arthritis Day 2010

October 12th, 2010 by Team Healthizen
World Arthritis Day  Ooh! Aah! Ouch! Does that ring a bell? Yes of course. Practically all of us have one of our loved ones or ourselves afflicted with joint pains. Although all this may sound amusing, only the sufferer knows exactly what he is going through, adjusting his posture for comfort sake, rationing exercises and even day-to-day activities at times, and hoping to find that one wonder drug that will take away those aches and pains.

You find kids imitating their grandparent’s waddling gait, not realizing that the latter isn’t walking that way out of choice, but rather out of compulsion. Then you have people who go stiff all of a sudden and assume the oddest postures, enough to cause anyone to burst into peels of laughter, and then suddenly, when you realize that these people are cases of autoimmune diseases, you repent and sober down.

This World Arthritis Day, let us vow to be empathetic and helpful to all those unfortunate few who are tormented by their own joints. Let us be their support systems, adding to their comfort levels rather than adding to their misery by embarrassing them. The next time, you see someone tottering down the street frantically trying to get across the road, lend him or her your hand. If you see someone with a hunch or a limp standing next to you in the train or bus, offer your seat graciously.

Spread the word around that arthritis is best treated in the initial stages. In the later stages when deformity occurs, only surgery can offer some relief. The goal should be to reverse or retard the progression of the disease, so as to keep the ailing person ambulatory. If your loved one who is suffering from arthritis stumbles and falls, don’t ask him to stay at home for safety. Hold his hand firmly in yours and take him out for a walk. After all, life is all about living, and each and every one of us has a right to live it to the fullest.

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