Managing Hyperacidity Naturally

November 24th, 2010 by Team Healthizen
Hyperacidity  Hyperacidity can really be a pain. Practically everyone will have experienced a bout of severe hyperacidity at some point or the other in their life. The excessive acid secreted by the stomach affects the entire gastrointestinal tract, making a person uncomfortable for hours together at a stretch until and unless something is done to manage the symptom. If left untreated, it can lead to the formation of peptic ulcers, which can bleed or perforate to complicate matters further.

There are a number of drugs available, which either block the secretion of the acid by acting on the gastric cells or neutralize the acid by virtue of their alkaline ingredients such as aluminum hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide. Salt, water, and carbon dioxide are usually the end-products of such acid-base reactions. While a majority of people pop in these pills very readily whenever they experience the symptoms of hyperacidity, not many are aware that these medications do have side-effects, more so if taken indiscriminately for prolonged periods.

Hence, it is better to look for natural alternatives to solve the problem as these are equally efficacious and definitely safer. First and foremost, a person suffering from hyperacidity needs to neutralize the excess acid by drinking large amounts of water. Coconut water, cold milk, and fruit or vegetable juices can also offer immediate relief. Spicy and fatty foods should be avoided as these tend to aggravate the condition. Eating curds can help to normalize the bowel flora. This seems to have a positive impact on the entire alimentary canal.

Munching on raw tomatoes and cucumber are known to reduce the acidity. Eating boiled potatoes, pumpkin, and the gourds can also be of great help. You should remember that the factors that have triggered the problem should be taken care of. Thus, if you haven’t been sleeping adequately, ensure that you catch up on your lost sleep. Similarly, if you are stressed out, just take a break and chill out or indulge in mind relaxation techniques like meditation to facilitate natural healing.

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