Health Benefits of Garden Cress Seeds

April 30th, 2011 by Team Healthizen
Garden Cress Seeds Garden Cress, also called Pepper Wort, is an herb that is botanically known as Lepidium Sativum. It is referred to as ‘Aliv’ in Marathi and ‘Halim’ in Hindi. Belonging to the family Cruciferae, it is grown in all parts of India and is often used in the Indian cuisine. The leaves, roots, as well as seeds of this plant are used in cooking as they are extremely nutritious and also therapeutic in nature. The flowers of this plant are either white or light-pink in color.

This herb is the best source of iron and is hence recommended in the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia. It is also rich in folate, calcium, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, and beta-carotene. Garden Cress seeds are loaded with not just protein, but also linoleic and arachidic fatty acids. Since they contain phytochemicals that mimic estrogen to some extent, intake of these seeds is known to regulate menstruation and stimulate milk production in lactating mothers. That is precisely why women are given foods containing Garden Cress following childbirth.

The blood-purifying as well as antioxidant properties of this amazing plant are well documented. Hence, its regular consumption can greatly help to boost one’s immunity and prevent a gamut of diseases. It acts as a general tonic and can also help to increase the libido naturally. Since the testae of these seeds contain mucilage, they are invaluable in the management of both dysentery and constipation. The whole plant, along with its seeds, is said to be good for the eyes too. Hence, it is advisable to add it raw to salads, sandwiches, and chutneys, or to simply use it as a garnish along with coriander leaves for any food item.

Pregnant women should avoid taking Garden Cress in any form because it has the ability to induce uterine contractions and thereby trigger a spontaneous abortion. Also, since it is goitrogenic in nature, it may not be suitable for patients suffering from hypothyroidism. The oil derived from Garden Cress seeds is edible and can therefore be used as a cooking medium; however, some people may experience symptoms of indigestion due to its use. Such individuals should discontinue using this oil or mix it with some other edible oil, so as to dilute it and reduce its adverse effects.

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2 Responses to “Health Benefits of Garden Cress Seeds”

  1. navneet singh gaur says:

    How to take halim seeds, i.e. in what quantity and in what form we should take these.

  2. how to take these halim seeds and in what quantity ?