Are vegetarians less aggressive?

April 15th, 2011 by Team Healthizen
Vegetarian Just one look at Mother Nature’s beloved creatures, and you would probably realize that practically all the herbivorous animals like the elephant, monkey, cow, camel, goat, deer, donkey, horse, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros are basically chilled out guys. On the other hand, the carnivores such as the tiger, lion, hyena, crocodile, and wolf are aggressive almost always. Strangely enough, the vegetarian animals never attack unless they are provoked, whereas the non-vegetarian ones seem to believe that ‘attack is the best form of defense.’

It’s not that the herbivores are incapable of aggression. However, they seem to be more balanced in their responses. They apparently follow the ‘live and let live’ policy quite instinctively. Although ‘might is right’ is the jungle rule and the lion is the king of the jungle, yet even the king has to bow down and flee for his life if the elephant or rhinoceros gets angry. These gentle giants usually do not get violent until their young ones are in danger or they feel threatened by predators.

Many spiritual books advocate vegetarianism in order to stay mentally calm and physically relaxed. Retrospective studies have repeated found that humans that are predominantly meat-eaters tend to be more aggressive in nature, whereas vegans and vegetarians are usually more compassionate and unaggressive. Now, whether this is directly because of the food that they eat or the result of psychological conditioning is yet to be ascertained. Since a non-vegetarian person is used to seeing an animal being slaughtered and is unmoved by the creature’s piteous moans and pleas for mercy, it is very likely that he becomes insensitive to the sufferings of others.

This again cannot be generalized, because there are numerous examples of non-vegetarian people being very sympathetic at least towards mankind, although they may have allowed their taste buds to rule when it comes to lower animals. Similarly, there have been umpteen numbers of vegetarians who could kill at the drop of a hat. Since upbringing, environmental influences, and genes also play a vital role in the development of an individual’s psyche, it is difficult to say how much his food habits can influence it. But, one thing is for sure. Becoming vegetarian and binging upon bland foods, rather than heavily spiced foods, can certainly help to soothe the body, mind, and soul.

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