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Why Mediclaim is important?How to Get Health Insurance Coverage for a family
how to get health <>insurance coverage for a familyine/> family comes first and so does their health. we all care for our family memers and its important to secure thier health y ... More>>
Health Insurance- An Umbrella of Medical coverage
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How do I get the best out of my health insurance policy?
health insurance premium tends to increase with age - more the age, higher the premium. so insure at a young age. always carry your health card with you. this ... More>>
What are the benefits of taking a Health Insurance policy?
the immediate benefit of taking up a health insurance policy is the tax benefit that you can enjoy under section 80 d of the income tax act. do not worry if you do not have adequate ... More>>
Why Do I Need Health Insurance?
why should i spend money on health insurance? has this question ever crossed your mind? if yes, you are not alone. most people tend to think that health insurance is ... More>>
Things to know about Health Insurance
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Save Tax while purchasing Health Insurance
save tax while purchasing health insurance health insurance or mediclaim is essential as it provides a comprehensive protection against health-related medical and ... More>>
Health is a positive state of mind
good health according to you is... it is basically a positive state of mind. it is not necessary that only our physical state of ... More>>
Selecting the best health insurance plan
a health insurance plan has become almost a basic necessity for everyone. it not only offers financial benefits during periods of illness but also provides financial stability ... More>>
Caring for mother and child
have you ever wondered how vital the health of women is pre and post-delivery? how even slight ignorance during this crucial stage can be life threatening to both, the mother and the child! if reports are an indication, then the situation is pretty serious. for, in ... More>>
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Hello, I m 64 kgs 5 feet 4 inches quite heavy on my hips rather than upper body. I climb 7 floors at least 4 times a week around 6 times a day and other 3 imes of the week i go for a jog. The problem is that inspite of doing adequate activity im not really lossing my lower body .Please guide to as i want to teach 55 kgs .
As per your height your weight should some where between 56 kg ...
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Swimming everyday will improve strength, stamina and fitness which is a good total body workout

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Body Swinger for body Last Posted Date : 07/03/2016
[b]Body Swinger[/b] provides simple exercise without applying stress on spine or other body parts
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